What happens when a 29-year-old man rapes his 14-year-old cousin, is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, and then argues during his appeal at the Limpopo high court that “the said rape cannot be described as falling into the worst rape cases”, therefore, he shouldn’t be in jail all his life?

What happens when a Cape Town man is found with 18 644 photographs and videos of babies, toddlers and teenagers being raped, sexually abused, and bonded?

The man admitted to spending at least 8 hours a day watching and downloading child porn, but stated that “he knows that he is supposed to feel bad, but he does not”.

Months ago, his 15-year jail sentence was reduced to 10 years after he argued on appeal that “possession” is the least serious of the categories of sexual offences.

#JusticeForSjava led trends on Tuesday with fans demanding that Sjava be treated as ‘innocent until proven guilty’

The two former lovers have been the most talked topic in recent weeks. Sjava is accused by fellow musician Lady Zamar for allegedly raping in during a Venda Royal Gardens music concert in Venda, Limpopo.

The 2017 alleged rape case came to hunt Sjava in 2020. With Multichoice withdrawing the singer’s nomination on the DStv Mzansi Viewers Awards.

Sjava was also pulled up in the Cape Town International Jazz Festival line-up after the organizers noted the allegations.

Sjava has dismissed the allegations as false in a statement.


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