Today was so bobbing after a Social media users were left in a great shock following a video showing  tow randy lovers performing a sexual act on on the Sandton City rooftop on Saturday.

A white guy caught having sex with a yellow dressed woman in an office in Sandton City caught public attention.

If your wife has a yellow dress and works in Sandton, you should be worried.

I don’t know why they making that Sandton office sex video about the woman while there are clearly two people involved.

But some poeple where like saying What if that Sandton video is husband and wife spicing things up? Lets just mind our business.

People are busy saying “if your wife” “it’s sad the husband” as if that woman is having sex. Like I don’t get why the man is not given the same energy.

In the video taken by someone who was in the opposite building, the man can be seen with his pants down as the woman performs a sexual act on him and having a hot sex rush in the office, much to the eyewitnesses’ amusement who take an exciting view of the scene from the open window.

Sandton City said it was aware of the video, adding that a case had been opened against the couple.


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