Have you heard of Fanyana Khamandisa the rapist fitness trainer from X Gym in Omonde. He is not the only one, many women can tell a lot about personal/,Fitness trainers who manipulated them and ended up having sex with them.s must vet these so called personal trainers seen as sexual predators are now entering the gym.

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According to reports the young man Fanyana was allegedly reported to have raped a young lady while she was taking her bath in the women’s bathroom in the Gym company.

More reports revealed that the he owner of the gym company actually offered to pay Zanele to drop a rape case from one of their managers… Wow!!! Just wow

We need more father like ntate Matshidza, Zanele’s father who supports their kids when they come home and report rape, abuse or any related accidents.

Many have already asked the authorities in charge  of the Gym to shut it down since they have not complied on seeing that the alleged rapist is arrested and jailed.

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