Brief Biography Of Fanyana Khamandisa

Fanyana Khamandisa is  the rapist fitness trainer from X Gym in Ormonde. He is from White City, Soweto.

He is not the only one, many women can tell a lot about personal/,Fitness trainers who manipulated them and ended up having sex with them.

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Fanyana Khamadisa is now coaching children, may be that was how he got the opportunity to have his way into the young girl he raped as reported. the girl had to inform her father who now revealed everything.

Another revelation of such similar incident was reported by a lady who revealed how she has once reported stories about the young man said she have heard stories about Fanyana while she was still working at Gym Company in 2016, He promises women promotions in exchange for sex by that time he was working at the Florida branch.

Fanyana ex-girlfriend opens up said she is in shock to have heard of the comprosing situation he is in, she said

“I am inshock… Fanyana is my ex. We dated for a year. I was in high school… He is from White City, Soweto, staying in Protea Glen at that time. Thinking of the compromising situations he put me through is like connecting the dots. I didn’t know I was sexually abused”.

Does Fanyana measure private parts in the Gym like she said?


What Are South African Saying Fanyana The Gym Rapist

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