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Who Is Tebello or Tibi

Real Name





South Africa


Popular for portraying the character ”Tebello” on etv popular soapie Scandal

Want to know who Tebello is? Tebello is an etv scandal episode tv show character who is act as  a small kid who at such a tender age took care of his sick old grand mother.

This is said to be born, bred in poverty  but is not define by his situation remember this is just an acting character.

His warm spirit is contagious abd he is optimistic and adorable. he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

His deepest desire is to have a family.


Tebello was the successful candidate from this post

etvScandal casting, the boy playing Tebello is adorable.

Is True that this kid Tebello is nursing his sick grandma at such a tender age. Sad reality of most South African youth. Very Sad

The scandal appears to trending online.

But how does a young kid have so much acting talent like this. Hai Tebello.

Pictures Of Tebello

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