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It’s almost time for our season finale! Be sure to tune in at 7PM on #MzansiWethu (channel 163) last time we watch Moipone a young South African who out of been generous gave out her Lottery wins to her boyfriends now another new season 2 of that episode will be shown live on MzansiWeth.

Missed the riveting episode that had everyone talking last night? Catch the repeat of Moipone’s #IBlewIt story tonight at 20:30 on #MzansiWethu and see how she blew R14 million within two years.‬

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From all indication it seems like Moipone is a generous person inside-out, look at the number of boyfriends she had in the period of 2 years and all were bought cars, and cars not toys. In anycase I liked her courage that she is ready to take any job, however she learned it hard way.

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To see Moipone’s #IBlewIt story where she’ll narrate how she blew R14 million! Yes, that’s fourteen million Rand! Set your reminders

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