Apparently David Genaro is leaving #RhythmCity dammit what a legend. Definitely the show won’t ve the same without him. The big words he use and terms.

Weekdays on e.tv at 19:00

Khulekani and Suffo both shoot David, but is it enough to end him forever?

Rene realises Mzi is still holding onto the past.

David’s death has Gail losing her grip.

Suffo tries to keep the police at bay.

Lerato gets back to business.

Gail refuses to believe David is dead.

Is Nandi drawn closer to Khulekani after his part in David’s death?

Sindiswa thinks she’s blown it with Lerato. Pearl takes action with Gail.

Mzi and Rene get good news.

Lerato lays down the law with Sindiswa.

Madikgetla is outmanoeuvred at every turn.

Pearl catches up with Mzi – and doesn’t like one bit of it.

For a good thirteen years, when Rhythm City started, Jamie Bartlet was one of the actors to land a role on the show. The talented actor and SA’s Got Talent judge, played the character everyone loves to hate and hate to love.

Sadly after over a decade in the role, the 66-year-old actor has resigned from the soapie. Jamie will serve his notice until 5 February 2020. This is not the news his fans want to hear, more so since the show has such a captivating storyline.



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