King Dalindyebo of the AbaThembu Royal Family has been arrested on Friday morning, after he was accused of being behind a hectic altercation at the Bumbane Palace. The Eastern Cape-based residence was swarmed by SAPS, who then took the traditional leader into custody.

AbaTembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo has went on rampage, assaulting his family with bushknives and axe including his son ,the acting king Azenathi Zanelizwe Dalindyebo e is currently vandalizing the palace The sitaution is bad as we speak. Police have been called.

Who Is Azenathi Zanelizwe Dalindyebo? Azenathi Zanelizwe Dalindyebo Biography, Profile.

Azenathi Zanelizwe Dalindyebo is the acting king of the abaThembu in South Africa. His father is the son of the previous king, Sabata Jonguhlanga Dalindyebo, a descendant of the amaHala dynasty, and ruler of the current bakwaDalindyebo lineage.

On 13 March 2020,  his father Dalindyebo was arrested on a charge of domestic violence. According to reports in local newspapers the deposed king arrived at the royal residence, called The Great Place, at 2am on the morning of 13 March 2020 carrying an axe and proceeded to attack the current acting king Azenathi and his wife, who was later hospitalised. In an attempt to escape Azenathi reportedly jumped out of the window of the palace.

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