Funeral/Burial of Rashied Staggie Today – 21/12/2019

Today Former Hard Livings gang leader Rashied Staggie, who was  shot dead last Friday in the same road where his twin brother, Rashaad, died two decades ago, will be laid to the mother earth..

A fleet of five luxury hearses, including a Porsche, hired from Pinetown Funeral Services, was spotted in the area around Staggie’s house in Cape Town on Saturday morning.

Rashied Staggie was proclaimed dead on arrival in hospital after he was shot with bullets while inside a friend’s car outside his home in Salt River, Cape Town.

It is alleged that two men opened fire on Staggie before fleeing on foot.

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The funeral of Rashied Staggie is taking place today in Durbanville, Cape Town. Courtesy

Crowds cheer and clap as the coffin is carried onto the field before chants of salute are heard while fingers waved in the air. #RashiedStaggie

Rashied Staggie Coffin

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