Who Is Kaybee Molotsi

She is a first year female student of  Central University of Technology. CUT

Right here is Vuyo he was stabbed and killed by his girlfriend Kabelo Molotsi, (Kaybee Molotsi) on Facebook, a first year student last saturday and said it was a mistake.

A young man lost his life at the hands of a woman that’s inexcusable !! However I see a lot of men using that as a way to dismiss femcide. And that’s also wrong!

According to some individuals who said that she should be  jailed for such a crime

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“She’s supposed to be jailed. There’s no mistake in killing if it was a man who said the same they would say it’s a lie. May the law take its full and truthful course and make her pay. This is not fair.” said by one of the social media anonymous.

According to to Kaybee Molotosi, the lady who stabbed her boyfriend and claimed it was by mistake was asking why people always ready to judge and label a person without knowing the truth.

Although she has not clarify her resoons for the wicked act that she committed but yet she seemed mean on why she did it.

The young lady said she feel sorry over what happened and believe she is really going to miss Vuyo since they share a unique between each other


She Claims that Vuyo was the love of her love yet she managed to stab him TWICE TO DEATH ? And worse she’s released and still roaming around the streets of Mangaung , posting BS about how she won’t explain sjiit to us whilst a soul was lost ?

What do you think about this  whole story, was the court right when they released her on bail and does Vuyo had to die like a ram butchered by his wicked Kabelo who is not feeling remorseful over what she did.

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