The show, which aims to assist men in the cultural practice of polygamy, has been perceived as a platform which allegedly enables the abuse of women and makes a mockery of the practice – common in isiZulu culture.

Mnakwethu airs on Tuesday’s on Mzansi Magic, DTV’s Channel 161, and the channel describes it as “an emotional, and empowering reality show that gives married men a chance to overpower the fear of introducing polygamy to his current wife” or wives.

But it appears that the public has not received the show in that manner. Grievances on social media have grown with every episode.

In a statement on Sunday, Mzansi Magic called a recent “attack” on host Musa Mseleku “unfortunate”.

“It is unfortunate that Musa Mseleku, our host for Mnakwethu which airs on Channel 161 on Tuesdays, was attacked on social media on 23 February 2020. The show was not intended to bring harm to the women featured in it, the Zulu culture and most importantly, its host Musa Mseleku,” Mzansi Magic publicity head Philly Kubheka said.

The channel added that “the series was designed to stimulate conversation around social issues that are dealt with in private, however, they affect the broader society”.

This guy has had unprotected sex and fathered 3 children with 3 different women whilst he is married. Musa Mseleku does not condemn this pathetic behaviour but Musa Mseleku is impressed with this man and calls him “inkunzi”.

Join Musa Mseleku as he walks the journey towards isithembu with husbands and their families in #Mnakwethu.

Catch the premiere this Tuesday at 20:00 on #MzansiMagic

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