We earlier reported today about how a South African lady identified Yamkela Sika was forcefully raped by boyfriend’s friend,  Siyanda. Yamkela Sika took to the social media to explain how the incidence happened and she is currently demanding justice. Yamkela Sika uploaded an audio where she recorded the ugly incident. The lady was allegedly raped by her boyfriend’s friend while the boyfriend was out.

Below is what Yamkela Sika told Siyanda before he forcefully raped him

The lady voice recorded the whole incident. she was heard saying..

  1. No to the man several times as he pleaded to have intercourse with her.
  2. She also told him that what he did was wrong but he still tried to force himself on her.
  3. She begged him not to do it, which ended up in her crying and screaming.
  4. However, she ended up having to negotiate with the man who sexually assaulted her until he was done.
  5. The lady had to wait for him till he was done.


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