Who Is Yolanda Canti Mphuthi (Yoyo)? Yolanda Biography, Husband, Cheating Video, Yolanda Hiding Under The Bed, Yolanda Caught Cheating

Yesterday we wrote a post about the viral trending video on social media about a woman identified as Yolanda Canti Mphuthi who was caught by her husband hiding under the bed at the back yard where she was having sex with a man also identified as Ben 10.

The trending Video of Yolandi Canti has gained a whole lot 30o000 views on social media.

Well we went on to have a detailed information about the woman and here is what we found out.

Who Is Yolanda Canti Mphuthi?

Yolanda Canti Mphuthi is a South African woman who her viral video hiding under the bed got the attention of social mdeia users.

Yolanda Canti is happily married until the video of her hiding under the bed surfaced online.

Yolanda Canti is currently working at Steve Tshwete Local Municipality.

She went to  The University of South Africa Pretoria, South Africa

She is from Queenstown, Eastern Cape.

Current City – Mhluzi, Mpumalanga, South Africa

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