MUST WATCH]: This is why the EFF in Parliament demanded that De Klerk be removed from the house. #SONA2020

This is what the former president of apartheid government De Klerk said during his recent interview. The EFF are now against his presence in a democratic parliament.

Also watch the moment  EFF leader J Malema cic Julius_S_Malema rises on a point of order. He requests FW De Klerk to leave the house because he have blood in his hands, i never saw brave leader like cic in the entire continent. Dankie the mother land 4 blessed us with this child of the soil.

“F W De Klerk,” according to Terry Bell, “was legally implicated in a massacre. There was no outcry. Hardly anyone knew that the last apartheid president had admitted ordering a cross-border attack by a state hit squad that had seen five school students shot dead while they slept.

Just 5 days ago, FW de Klerk said on the SABC that apartheid wasn’t a crime against humanity, for any sober minded South African, any black South African, to defend a man who said that, and was even a president of apartheid government, is a disgrace.


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