Man who assaulted iconic musician and actress Abigail Kubeka has disappeared in thin air, Police reports.

Recall that the legendary actress was assaulted by a taxi driver in Soweto last month, after both their vehicles collided.

According to police reports, identity of the driver has been unveiled but he is currently on the run. “I can confirm that the suspect, whose identity is now known, is still on the run,” Police spokesman explained.

When the shocking news broke, Abigail explained that she was on her way to work when the whole incident unfolded. She spoke to media houses explaining everything that transpired. Although both parties were in the wrong, the driver still proceeded to assault her after apologizing.

The taxi association that the alleged perpetrator works for, the Meadowlands Taxi Association, bought star flowers and chocolates – as a means of apologising for the barbaric behavior she fell victim of.

Speaking to¬†DRUM Abigail Kubeka said: “I really feel sorry for this boy. He should just turn himself in”.

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