Refugees are ordered to vacate a park they occupied after being moved yesterday

The Refugees who slept in a park opposite eNCA in Cape Town have 20 minutes to move. A wall of Law Enforcement is at the ready. They were moved from outside the Methodist Church and then St Mary’s Cathedral yesterday.

kids are also among the refugees at the park, they  were are praying before authorities effect an order to enforce by-laws on sleeping in public places.

Yesterday they were removed from the Methodist Church perimeter and the Catholic Church.

Where is Ramaphosa? asks one of the refugees in a face off with Cape Town’s Law Enforcement after they were warned to leave the park they slept in last night. They were moved from Waldorf Arcade, Greenmarket, Catholic Church, since October.

Cleaners have already started cleaning the park while Refugees and Law Enforcement .seem to be in limbo about them sleeping in the park in CapeTown.

Law Enforcement is slowly moving towards the refugees in the park. Metro Police have also arrived. SAPS seem to be staying out of this one apart from one man and one van. The group is shouting at officials. Guy next to me is in a camp chair.

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