Latest reaching our news desk has it that popular Ugandan musician MC Pallaso has been attacked in South Africa while shooting his music video.

The report was shared online by his friend Jose Chameleone who said that he contacted him and received the shocking report.


Just talked to Pallaso he’s in Danger after Attacks as he was shooting a video in South Africa we must condemn such violent acts into our people. We are all Africans“.

“Apparently, he’s been attacked by xenophobic people in South Africa while at his video shoot.”

The reporter also said that his crew were also attacked by xenophobic groups just minutes back and the artist is hiding in a small school in the area.

Pallaso is a Ugandan recording artiste, songwriter, producer and videographer. He sings in Luganda, mixes with English and sometimes Kiswahili. He’s music genre specialty is Afrobeats, Hip hop, Dancehall, Afropop, and RnB

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