Things are really getting out of hand in South Africa this days no one seem to believe or trust each other whether black or white among us what happened to slogan of stronger2gether. He is already tagged a racist.

A video trending online already has this black man telling a white South African guy how pathetic he is about him been a white man in South Africa.

According to some reports which alleged  that the actual scene of the video was recorded in Rustenburg in front of Aston Martin store.

In the video the man on black suite sai it emphatically to the white fellow that he does not belong here because he is a white man.

Although no one could possibly ascertain exactly what happened between the men but this video was quite rational especially the way the black guy was talking and shouting to the white man who maintained a low pace until he left in anger.

Checkout What People Have To Say About This Whole Drama

I dont like this intolerance towards one another. Somethings are just not necessary. Yes I am angry at #DeKlerk.i am angry at Malan, I am angry at Vervoed. But we are here now,white south Africans are our brother’s and sisters. Let there be peace.


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