This is hilarious but also scary, a woman in her car recorded a video two young man a woman claiming to be Jesus while walking on the road naked.

According to the footage the man asked the woman if she is ready to meet Jesus as he arrives Northcliffe where he said he will meet his followers, he also said that Judas will be there.

While the woman inside her got scared and asked him if he is Jesus who then is the woman with him bu all of a sudden he started counting numbers and left.

”Are you ready for the Second Coming? The Son of Man has been sighted around the streets of Johannesburg… According this eye witness he is on his way to Holy Northcliffe where is expected to meet his followers.” said the eye witness.”

According to social media user who claimed that he is familiar with them said he  know them. that they are  Hekima and Malkia and they are his spiritual parents.

“I think they are the bravest people I know. They live only by faith. They have helped me with my spiritual path. This is extreme I know but I wish you guys knew them. Their story inspires me everyday.”

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