This is extremely serious. so the government of Kenya fake the #coronavirusinKenya case in the country  to go get donor money?

Because the woman the government claimed was corona positive has come out claiming she is fine and whatever we are seeing on the media of her is fake news. 

SOURCE: Twitter

In Kenya, the government has had to put out a statement denouncing “fake news” about the coronavirus, which includes an audio recording, circulated on WhatsApp, claiming to be an official press briefing on the virus.

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The recording states that there were 63 cases in the country, which is not true. There are currently no confirmed cases in Kenya.

The health ministry said it had been part of a communications training exercise but did not explain how it had been made public.

Under an existing law, Kenyans risk a fine of $50,000 (£39,000) or a two-year jail sentence for publishing or sharing fake news about an outbreak.

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