American actor and singer Zac Efron have been rushed to an Australian hospital after he suffered a deadly infectious disease he contracted from New Guinea while filming his latest movie.

What Infection Did Za Efron Contracted

Zac got ill while filming a new series titled Killing Zac Efron in Papua New Guinea he suddenly became ill with “a form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection”, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

How Is Zac Efron Now After He Was Rushed To Hospital

Zac has been  flown to Brisbane, Australia with medical professionals on hand, then admitted to St Andrews War Memorial Hospital which according to the medical officials he is doing very well – “in a stable condition”.

Efron’s adventure series, of which he is the star and executive producer, was announced in November.

Killing Zac Efron will show the actor venturing “deep into the jungles of a remote, dangerous island to carve his own name in expedition history”.

Efron was said to be going off-grid for 21 days “with nothing but basic gear, a guide partner and a will to survive”.


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