Ausi Moipone is one of the winner of the South African National lottery contestant that won R14 Million but the funny part of her story was that she blew 7 million out of the the 14 million she made from the wins in just 3 months and this got many mouth talking on social media.

Her story is really a sad one because one can not ascertain how she manged to spend a whole R14million and had 5 million left in just 3 months.

Many thought her to be a complete stupid woman, you can read below tweets and reactions many people made on this story of Moipone.

According to reports, Ausi moipone bought like 15 cars and sold her 1.7 million house for entertainment. this was truly sad to watch. We need financial education in this county from grade 1! Teach people how to use and save money.

But if you where in her shoes what can you do with R14 Million in just 3 months, hope you will not even fall short like Moipone did.

Moipone’s whirlwind spending saw her blow through R7 million within just three months. What do you think she spent it on? How much of her R14 million fortune

Moipone will share her  #IBlewIt story on second episode of the show there she will reveal how she  blew R14 million! Yes, that’s fourteen million Rand!

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