Here is the  video and pictures from Yonela Boli Funeral. Yonela was stabbed to death by his girlfriend. The Memorial service of Boli Yonela was held at the Sports complex.

Yonela Boli, an MSc Geology student died at Victoria Hospital around 05:00 on February 9 after arriving there at 04:30, about two-and-a-half hours after being stabbed in the chest at the Iona residence on the Alice campus.

Yolanda Nogemane has been granted bail of R1000. She will finish her Masters and graduate. The university has not given her any suspension as it usually does with other GBV related cases.

According to reports we gathered, not a single member of the university management attended Yonela Boli funeral.

The Graduates wore their Academic Regalia in honor of this late prospective MSc Geology Graduand.

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